Artavazd Peleshyan (Артавазд Пелешян, 1938)
Film director AP was born 22.11.1938 in Armenia. Studied documentary film directing at the VGIK, Leonid Kristi workshop (1963-1968). Still being a student, AP received numerous awards for his short films Mountain Vigil (1964), Earth of People (1966) and the feature-  
length documentary Beginning (1967). His unique editing (influenced by the work of Sergei Eisenstein and Dziga Vertov) was highly praised by film specialists. Using a completely different method, AP developed techniques of the two masters, and published a row of articles and the book Distance Montage (1974), which is considered to be a novel step in editing theory.

Artavazd Peleshyan's theoretic work has been gathered in the book My Cinema (1988).
In1969, AP completed his film We (award at the Oberhausen IFF in 1970, a.o.), it was followed by Inhabitants (1970), Autumn Pastoral (1971) and Seasons of the Year (1975) - films that proved AP to be a world-class director and made Sergei Parajanov call him one of the few authentic geniuses in the world of cinema. His film Our Century (1982) received the Armenian State Prize. AP has completed 14 films, with End (1993) being his last one. AP bears the title of Renowned Master of Armenian arts (1979), has received the Order of St. Mesrop Mashtots (1996) a.o. awards.