Béla Tarr (1955)
Director BT was born 21.07.1995 in Hungary. Got his first role at a TV production (age 10), started shooting amateur films (age 16), received several awards at amateur film festivals. After garduating from highschool,      
worked at a shipbuilding plant (1973-1975), then as a doorkeeper at a recreation centre. Entered the Budapest Film and Theatre Academy (1977-1981), participated at the Béla Balázs Studio (1979-1980), and made his full-length debut Family Nest (1979, awarded at the Mannheim IFF). Since 1981, worked at studio Mafilm, made films in the stylistics of documental realism, using unprofessional actors. Played a part in Miklós Jancsó film Season of Monsters (1986).
Made a TV version of Shakespeare's Macbeth (1982). Since 1985, all his films are made after scripts by László Krasznahorkai, his coeval writer (Damnation,1987 - an European Film Awards nominee, included in the IFF Arsenāls 1988 programme). Long shots and other means of cinematic language, used by BT, reach their culmination in his 430-minute-long film Satan's Tango (1991-1993, Caligari Film Award at the Berlin IFF, included in the IFF Arsenāls 1994 programme). His film Werckmeister Harmonies (2000) has gained several prizes at international film festivals. Since 1990, Béla Tarr is a lecturer at the Film Academy in Berlin.