Jon Jost (1943)
Director of American independent cinema, producer, cinematographer, actor and composer JJ was born 16.05.1943 in Chicago, USA to a military family. He grew up in Georgia, Japan, USA, Germany and Italy. His interest in film directing started in 1963, when JJ got expelled from college; and he made several documentary films. In 1965, he was taken into custody by US authorities for refusal
to cooperate with the Selective Service system. On his release, JJ became engaged in anti-war activities. He made his first full-length film Speaking Directly in 1973.
Has been working in different genres like essays (Stagefright, 1981), avant-garde and various novatoric forms of narrative ever since. His noted films include Angel City (1977), Last Chants for a Slow Dance (1977), Chameleon (1978), Slow Moves (1983), Bell Diamond (1986). Since 1975, Jon Jost's work has often become an exhibit at museums and festivals, he has also contributed to installation. His film All the Vermeers in New York (1990, screened at Arsenāls FF in 1992) has received several awards - Caligari Film Award at Berlin IFF, Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award, Independent Film Project (IFP/West) award for lifelong contribution to independent cinema (1991). The abovementioned film was followed by The Bed You Sleep In (1993, screened at Arsenāls FF in 1994). Jon Jost is a lecturer at the Yonsei University doctoral students of communication and arts in Seoul (South Korea).