Herz Frank (1926)
One of the founders of Riga school of poetic documentary cinema, born 17.01.1926 in Ludza, Latvia to a photographer's family. Graduate of extramural course at the Institute of Law in Sverdlovsk (1947), journalist, lecturer, advertising artist in Russia (1952-1954). In 1955, returned in Riga, worked as a journalist (newspapers Padomju Jaunatne and Rīgas Balss). In 1959, started working at the photo department of Riga Film Studio. In 1961, director Ivars Kraulītis selected Herz Frank's script for his diploma wok at the VGIK; together with cinematographer Uldis Brauns,     
the legendary short fiction The White Bell was made. HF is author of the script to Aivars Freimanis' and Ivars Seleckis' full-length documentary film The Report of the Year (1965, with Imants Ziedonis, received the Latvian SSR State Prize), and to Uldis Brauns' 235 000 000 (1967). In 1965, he made his debut in film directing with a TV film The Salt Bread (1965). Director and scriptwriter of over 30 films. In 2.06.1992 he resettles in Jerusalem, Israel. HF continues residing and making films in Latvia, including Flashback (2002, number of awards at international film festivals, including the Russian Academy of Cinema Arts and Sciences Nika Award in 2003). HF has published over 150 articles in domestic and foreign press, and a book The Map Of Ptolemais. Notes Of A Documentalist (1975). Member of international juries, holds workshops for filmmakers, has received numerous awards for his life-long contribution to film art - at the National Film Festival Lielais Kristaps (2001), festivals in Tel Aviv (2003), Taiwan (2004), and festivals Rossija in Jekaterinburg (2006) and Flahertiana in Perm (2006), Russia.