Ivars Seleckis (1934)
Cinematographer and director, born 22.09.1934 in Riga. Studied food industry engineering and technology at the Latvia Academy of Agriculture (1952-1957). Graduated from the VGIK with distinction (1961-1966). Worked at the Riga Film Studio (1958-1991), first as assistant cameraman, then director of photography. Along with his coevals Uldis Brauns, Aivars Freimanis, Ferz Frank, a.o. he developed Riga school of poetic documentary cinema. Made his debut in film direction with the documentary Encounters in Guinea (1968), author of over 100 newsreels and almost 30 documentary films. Since 1965, member of the Filmmakers Union of Latvia. Cinematographer at the Riga Documentary film studio (1991-1997). In 2003, has been elected member of the board at the joint-stock             
company Riga Film Studio. Member of the European Film Academy, founder and member of the board of the European Documentary Film Symposiums. Officer of the Order of Three Stars (2003).
His film The Crossroad Street (1988) was recognized the Best European film, awarded the European Film Academy award Felix (1990), and many other awards at international film festivals, including the ones named in the honour of documentary film classics Joris Ivens and Robert J. Flaherty. In 1999, IS made a sequel New Times at Crossroad Street, which received the national award Lielais Kristaps in the documentary film category (2000), as well as several international awards, including the Silver Spire at the IDFF Golden Gate Awards USA (2000), Grand Prix at the Filmfest München in Germany (2000), main prize in the documentary film category in the Balticum Film & TV Festival in Bornholm (2000), a.o. His latest documentary In the Shade of the Oak Tree (2007) makes a conclusion to a trilogy, dedicated to Latvian farmers, started with The Corn-Bins (1973) and  Come Down, Pale Moon! (1994).