Leonīds Leimanis (1910-1974)
Actor and director born 16.04.1910 in Riga.       
Graduate of the Dramatic Studio of a Folk School (1930).  Studied at the State Technical College Department of Architecture, LMA (1942-1943). Actor at Workers Theatre (1927-1934), Daile Theatre (1934-1940), was managing director of the Daile Theatre (1940-1941, 1944-1946). Involved in filmmaking since 1933, has been actor and director at the company Sound Film Latvia (1933-1935), director and cinematographer of culture films (1935-1940), starred in the first Latvian sound film Daugava (1934, dir. Aleksandrs Rusteiķis). Art director of the Riga Motion Picture Studio (1946-1948), assistant director in films Homeward With Victory (1947, played the Opmanis part) and Rainis (1949). Full-length fiction Spring Frosts (1955, with Pāvels Armands), made his debut in directing. It was followed by LL being both scriptwriter and director of  Nauris (1957), then The Sword And The Rose (1959), Captain Zero (1964). With the adaptation of Rūdolfs Blaumanis' novel The Slough Wader (1966), he called forth a stormy discussion on permissable withdrawal from the literary original. His last film was adaptation of Andrejs Upīts novel Serving a Rich Mistress (1969). LL has received the title of Renowned Master of Dramatic Arts of Latvia SSR (1965).
Died 06.07.1974.