Jos Stelling (1945)
Director, born 16.07.1945 in Utrecht, Netherlands.

According to film critics, his films The Flying Dutchman (1995) and The Pointsman (1986, in the Arsenāls IFF ’88 Forum Screenings and in the Arsenāls IFF ’06 program Arsenāls’ Archeology) have made it to the list of the world top 100 films already. Yet in the film field JS is an autodidact who studied painting and the graphic arts. His first films Mariken van Nieumeghen (1974, Arsenāls IFF ’88 along with the film Rembrandt Fecit 1669 (1977)) and Elkerlyc (1975) were only made on the basis of enthusiasm, with the help of relatives and friends. Later in Utrecht, he opened a cafe and cinema Springhaver, which provides the financial side of the filmmaking. The early JS films The Pointsman  and The Illusionist (1984) have received the Netherlands Film Award.

JS himself has been awarded 12 more awards and received 7 nominations, including those for the Golden Palm at Cannes IFF and the Golden Lion at Venice IFF. JS has made both romantic historical dramas like The Flying Dutchman (1995), and kitchen-sink comedies like The Waiting Room (1996, Arsenāls IFF ’98), Gas Station (1999, Arsenāls IFF 2000), The Gallery (2003, Arsenāls IFF ’04), and an ironic drama Duska (2007).